Height:5'8 1/2", Weight: 125 
Hair: Brown, Eyes: Green-Blue


Michel Jean-Michel: Overexposed                  Supporting                                           Wiseguy Pics, Giancarlo Fiorentini &Jonathon Grimm dir.                                                                           White Collar                                                     Featured                                              USA Network
La Strada's "Wash on By"                                Lead                                                    Brian Cresto Prod., Mark Becker, Dir.
The New Jerk Times' "I'm Shaking"                 Lead                                                    Super Peking Prod, Greg Mitnick/ Nat Livingston Dir.
Inside Edition                                                    Herself                                                 ABC, Prom Segment March 31, 2010
Master Shortie's "Dead End"                            Principal                                               Kiener, Inc., Jake Davis, dir.
Stags                                                                Dayplayer                                            Barenholz,Jamie Greenberg, dir.
Brooklyn’s Finest                                          
Brooklyn's Finest                                              Dayplayer                                            Antoine Fuqua, dir.
Lymelife                                                            Dayplayer                                            Scorsese, prod. Derrick Martini, dir. 
Wall Street Media                                              Herself                                                  MSN Money, Douglas Estadt, prod.
Poker Face                                                      Supporting                                            AlternativeMindz.com,Greenwood,dir.
Flight of the Conchords                                     Featured                                              HBO, James Bobin, dir.
Common Thrill  MV                                           Lead                                                    Piff Pictures, John Beder, dir.
Send in the Chefs Pilot                                      Lead                                                    Taste This TV, Jo Ciminera, dir.
Normal Bob Smith Pilot                                     Lead                                                     KPI Prod., Malena Negrao, dir.
Pardon My French                                          Lead                                                     Veras Films, James Perkins, dir.
What Really Frightens You?                            Dayplayer                                            New Wave Films, Rich Haines, dir.


Faust (Animated Feature Film)                                Gretchen, Lead                             Mile Square Pictures, Jay Marks, dir. 

McGraw-Hill Connect Campaign for iPhone             Herself                                          iTVK, Kevin Bertotti dir. 


I, Undertow                                                               Supporting                                  PharePlay, Blake Bradford, dir.
Dinner For Four                                                        
Lead                                          PharePlay Prod, Roland Urici, dir.
Wonder Woman Did It In Heels                                  Lead                                          PharePlay Prod, Melissa Nocera,dir.
Dark of the Moon                                                       Supporting                                  PharePlay Prod, Blake Bradford, dir.
Artist Vs. Landlord                                                      Lead                                          NYArtists Unltmd,Melba LaRose, dir.
Suicide Machines (Staged Rdg)                                 Supporting                                 KNF, Molly Marinik, dir.
Dysfunctional Sandwich                                              Ensemble                                   Michael Chekhov Theater Co., Ann Bowen, dir.
Sex, Lies, and Sometimes Love                                  Ensemble                                  Michael Chekhov Theater Co., Michael Horn, dir.
Open Face (Staged Rdg)                                            Lead                                         PrayForHer Prod, Felipe Dieppa, dir.
Try This                                                                       Lead                                        TSI Playtime Series, Lindsey Carr, dir
Serpent Song                                                              Supporting                                Funes Memory Co, Josh Adler, dir.
The Man of Mode                                                        Lead                                         UVA RLC, John O’Brien, dir.
Uncomfortably Close to You The Musical                    Lead                                         Crested Butte MT, Kathleen Mary, dir.
Off-Vaudeville                                                             Supporting                                 Crested Butte MT, Kathleen Mary, dir.
The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet                                          Lead                                           Albemarle Players, K. Massie, dir.


List Available Upon Request

TRAINING:                                                                                                                                                        SKILLS:
                                                                                                                                                                            Modern dance
The Terry Schreiber Winter Conservatory                                                                                                          Mezzo-Soprano Voice

American Globe Theater Conservatory taught by John Basil                                                                               Yoga/ Gymnastics
Actors’ Movement Studio Intensive Summer Conservatory Program taught by Janice Orlandi                             French/ American Dual Citizen
Jazz and Opera Training: Ingrid Von Stetten, Stephanie Nakasian, Dawn D’Earth                                              French, Spanish, German (fluent)

Live Arts Theatre Intensive Class (Charlottesville, VA) taught by Carol Pederson                                               Modeling
University of Virginia, B.A. Echols Scholar-- Drama and Comparative Literature