September, 2011
--Shot three book covers as the heroine in a trilogy for Sourcebook's 2012 spring U.S. release of a young adult series.
--Shot environmentally-friendly yoga wear for the Orr Collection photographed by
--Shot for the photographer Aaron Kinney's portfolio:

August, 2011
--Shot for Michael Cinquino's Portfolio: headshots, fashion, beauty.
--Playing herself for the McGraw-Hill Connect Campaign. 
--Booked Thomas Middleditch's French-speaking wife in Most Famous Papparazzo for College Humor. 
-- Worked the Javits Curve Expo as a lingerie model for Prima Donna and Andres Sarda Lingerie.
 --Featured on Model News by Spin writer Pablo Avion: -
--Featured on photographer Steve Prue's website:

July, 2011
--Shot with Shuhui Yang for a high fashion Asian magazine. (More details coming soon.)
--Became a yoga-alliance certified Vinyasa flow instructor. 
--Interviewed for a segment on Fashion By He: June, 2011
--Featured on Personal Stylista as Editor's Pick:

June, 2011-
Shot French Closet lookbook and video lookbook.